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I had to cut Act II into parts. Hope you dont mind~



Wow, im on a roll with these updates, huh?

Well, lets start by saying i was trying to pay attention where Rose was explaining things, but i got lost in the middle and decided just to pretend to listen. XD

amg, mysterious guy in hood :U *GASP* HES TALKING TO JOHN I THINK AKJHJKSF
amg, there are 4 screens in his secret lab or something. does that mean 3 more people~? im guessing so~ ; 7 ; very mysterious~

aha, i laughed so hard and so many times at "TG"s raps and stuff XD definitely cant wait until he gets introduced~

so basically.. John gets transferred into a different dimension, so hes safe ; u ;

lmao, the sprite to me looks very unattractive now.

aaahh, there is black stuff everywhereee~ what does it mean? ; A ;

aaaahh, so intense~ Rose's battery is low and--


bro, i said "FUCK FUCK FUCK" so loud when Rose's connection dropped. i was freaking out so much aaaahhh ; A ;

this is so intense i cant-- WHAT WILL HAPPEN?! ; O ;

Act II, Part II is next..!

lol, screw that, lets odd on, shall we~?

amg, im in love with Insufferable Prick Dave Strider. TT u TT
so, he's ironic and 'cool', which i totally agree XD so basically.. hes a hispter..? XD
but his friggen sylladex is so complicated i just-- //brain explodes
he's a blade kind~ pretty cool~ c:

so now, i guess you can change your weapon, i think. idk, thats confusing ; u ;

amg, i cried laughing at the bird ajkhsgkh

Rose's sylladex is so.. inconvenient ; 7 ;

all the details pertaining the history and relationships with side characters and stuff is pretty cool~ im having a blast listening and watching Homestuck defiantly better than reading hours on end XD <3

Rose's mother apparently has a drinking thing and 'likes' wizards. shes pretty dedicated to passive aggression XD and so is Rose. and Rose also likes embroidery im guessing~

im so excited to see who "GG" is~ the voice in the series is so kyute~ <3 she seems like a great character~

gah, John's dad got kidnapped ~ still doesnt explain the black gooey stu-- AMGTHERESAMONSTERLOOKOUT ; O ;

aaaand more explanations about the world John's in. from his.. deceased.. grandma..? .___.
from what i know, there is a light and dark war or something, but im not sure if John's contributed to both sides. .___.;;

aha, i have no real opinions or observations, but a ton of reactions~ im trying to observe as much as possible and write down and much info i can so i can refer back to it later to go "OH, I GEDDIT! :'D"

haha, the side jokes are really funny~ overall, the whole dialogue is pretty hilarious~

aha, probably gonna add more later, we'll see~ until than:

Act II, Part II is next~!
aha~ these updates are just snippits at a time now~ 'cause creating a big text file is tl'dr. TT u TT /
hope you guiz dont mind~

plus i had to let it all out before continuing..~ i can see how people are hooked, but so far to this Hetalian, i still see it as just another interesting story so far..~

next up:
Act II, Part II <3

updated~ didnt like how short it was~ <3

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askIggyloid Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012   General Artist
(( That must certainly mean
my friend and I's hypothesis is true.
If people read homestuck, then more than half of them will fall in love with Dave.

....sjkkldkljsfkljsddflldsflkdfsl it's so true. :iconasdfghplz: ))
CaptainJellyroll Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012  Student Digital Artist
XDD <3
he is very attractive
Lolibeat Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012
Homestuck is flipping Awesome ; v ; I forgot how I got hooked to it XD
CaptainJellyroll Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012  Student Digital Artist
xD; im glad you stayed with us tho..~! it makes me happy..~ <3
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